Total Joint Program

Caldwell Physical Therapy uses a variety of elective outcome and quality assurance methods, including independent auditing, chart review and comparative outcome measures. FOTO (focus on therapeutic outcomes), a web-based patient assessment system, provides patient outcomes with actionable data. Historically, the average global FOTO satisfaction for the hip, knee and shoulder is 97.58%.

Program goals:

  • To improve the quality and continuity of care from initial hospitalization through maximal recovery.
  • To reduce or eliminate (unforeseen) hospital readmission
  • To establish transitional wellness and long-term health expectations

The structure and process of the Total Joint Program:

  1. A pre-op visit will be scheduled with Caldwell Physical Therapy once the patient is scheduled for surgery. During the pre-op visit, the patient will be assisted with a variety of activities to help prepare for the operation.
    1. Patient education on the initial postoperative exercises.
    2. Use of a walker, single point cane, or assistive device
    3. Elevation, positioning, and sleep preparation
    4. Home use of ice and/or heat
    5. Post-surgical expectations
  2. Home pre- and/or post-op planning
    1. Need for home visit based on initial pre-op visit and hospital discharge status
      1. Safety risk assessment: evaluation of stairs, rugs, bathroom, etc.
      2. Individual educational materials and expectations
      3. Pain, edema, and infection control measures
    2. Goals:
      1. Household ambulation and ADL (activities of daily living)
      2. Transfer and safety independence
      3. Progression of home-based exercises
      4. Community transportation plan
  3. Outpatient Physical Therapy
    1. 2-3 times per week with appropriate cascade to discharge
    2. Restoration of mobility, strength, and function
    3. Lifestyle goals:
      1. Independent living need
      2. Occupational demands
      3. Recreational and fitness expectations
  4. Post Rehabilitation
    1. The transitional gym program is a monthly cash program, independent of insurance (provided free of cost for the first month)
      1. Begins with gym supervision for independent exercise
      2. Continues at patient discretion
    2. Goal of gym program is to proactively establish a healthy lifestyle and further foundational wellness. This includes patient-centric goals and return to activity or recreation:
      1. Advanced walking/hiking
      2. Cycling
      3. Tennis
      4. Golf